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Welcome to McKinley Elementary

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to a new and exciting school year at McKinley Elementary School! We are pleased to have you as part of the McKinley family. We hope this will be a successful year for you.

An important factor in our students’ success is for parents, teachers, and administrators to work together as we support our students’ academic, social, and physical development. We invite you to become an active participant this school year so we can provide your child with the best year ever. Become a part of the McKinley family through the Home and School Parent Group, and if you have some spare time, become one of our volunteers.

It is with great pleasure that we take on the responsibility of providing your child with a high quality academic program delivered by a team of qualified and dedicated professionals. We are proud of our school and the rigorous academic program that our dedicated, bilingual staff offers. Throughout the school year, we will be offering many academic and extra curricular programs and opportunities to your children. I encourage all to take advantage of the opportunities we offer. If you would like further information, feel free to contact us.


Marilyn Y. Carrion-Mejia


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a nurturing, supportive, and actively engaging environment for students and families. We will facilitate the development of well-educated and responsible children who have a lifelong love of learning and are able to compete successfully in an ever-changing world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire children to be responsible, independent, life-long learners, and productive citizens.

McKinley Student Pledge

“I pledge to come to school on time, in uniform, prepared with the tools I need to be successful. I will follow directions the first time given. I will solve my problems peacefully; showing respect with a positive attitude, kind words and actions, and careful use of school property. My teachers and my parents have high expectations of me, and I have high expectations for myself.”