McKinley School Policies

Code of Behavior

All students at McKinley are expected to behave in an acceptable and responsible manner while at school, on field trips, and while participating in other school-related activities.  Good behavior, courtesy, and cooperation are essential to learning.


The school-wide behavior expectations are:

The 3 R’s–

·      Be Respectful

·      Be Responsible

·      Be Ready


Listed below are some of the behaviors determined unacceptable:

Disrespect and disruption of school
Eating, drinking, and chewing gum in classrooms and hallways
Students unprepared with the necessary school supplies
Possessing electronic devices such as radios, mp3 players, headphones, cell phones, electronic games, and cameras; If seen, these items will be confiscated and returned only to a parent/guardian.
Cutting class; leaving the building during school hours without adult supervision
The use of profanity or offensive language
Physical violence, physical or verbal assault
Destruction of personal or school property, books, instruments, etc.
Wearing outerwear, hats, or hoodies in school
Habitual lateness
Smoking or using other illegal substance
Students violating the Student Code of Conduct and/or other established procedures could be subjected to loss of privileges up to and including exclusion from trips, assembly programs, graduation, and/or other special event/activities in and out of school. Please be advised this list is not exhaustive.


ACT 26

The Pennsylvania General Assembly has enacted legislation (Act 26) that requires that any student in possession of a weapon of any kind be subject to expulsion from the School District of Philadelphia.  It is very important that students not carry any weapon or instrument that could be considered a weapon.  Toy guns, sharp scissors, nail clippers, nail files, knives, and lasers are considered weapons.  Students found in possession of a weapon will be suspended and recommended for a disciplinary transfer/expulsion on an EH-21.



It may become necessary to detain a student after school for violations of the Student Code of Conduct.  In such a case, parents will be notified prior to the detention. Detentions are held before and after school hours and could be assigned for up to an hour.



Under most circumstances, parent conferences are set-up for the parents of students who fail to observe school rules and policies.  However, it may become necessary to place a student on temporary suspension for serious or repeated violations of school policies and procedures. Suspended students will be assigned to either in-house suspension or an out-of-school suspension.  An out-of-school suspension results in the exclusion of a pupil from school and all school-related activities due to the serious misconduct.  Suspended students will be reinstated only after a parent/guardian meets with the appropriate staff members as per a pre-arranged appointment.  Students returning without a parent/guardian will be subject to further disciplinary action.


Positive Reinforcements

At McKinley, students who behave appropriately are recognized in various ways.  To nurture our expectations for good behavior, the following incentive programs have been established to recognize good behavior:

Weekly raffles
Student of the Month
Citizenship awards presented at honors assembly
Pizza party for Honor Roll students
Lunch with the teacher/Principal